Ihoshiro Kiln will actively work to solve social issues through our corporate activities.


The ceramics industry is an energy-intensive industry, as clay is fired at more than 1,000 degrees Celsius. Ihoshiro Kiln has installed a solar power generation system.


Generally, gas is used for firing, but by using electricity, we are trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


We are committed to local production for local consumption, procuring almost 100% of our clay, glaze, and other raw materials from within the production area. This contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the transportation of raw materials.


Currently, most of our employees are women. We aim to be a company that is easy to work for, where employees can both raise children and work, and we are working to improve the working environment.


In order to realize a “healthy and friendly” workplace, we are striving for “zero overtime” and a “100% paid leave utilization rate”. In addition, we are creating an environment where employees can concentrate on their work while listening to pleasant music in an air-conditioned and comfortable environment. We strive to create an environment that allows pregnant women to work even when they are about to give birth, and also allows employees to work flexible hours to meet the needs of their children and families while they are raising them.